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In-Person Trainings

wecamp is proud to have trained over 800 women across Pakistan, from Khairpur to Mardan, through our one-day and three-day in-person Digital Skills & Entrepreneurship Trainings.


These trainings help women entrepreneurs and artisans master social media and e-commerce skills through practical activities, one-on-one advice, and much more! Our trainees then become part of our ever expanding network of home-based women entrepreneurs where they continue to learn and grow.


Support your local women entrepreneurs and artisans by sponsoring a training in your city! Simply reach out to us and we will handle the rest.

Virtual Trainings

To reach larger groups of women entrepreneurs, wecamp also arranges Virtual Training Sessions.

These range from one-day sessions with industry specialists on Online Sales, Product Photography, Financial Management and more! Follow us on Instagram to join our next free session.

For more in-depth and curated business development support, we offer Online Kamao: our online one-month Digital Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp!

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Online Kamao

Hear From Our Trainees

Saira Gillani’s introduction to wecamp was through the wecamp Festival March 2022. Here, she was able to network with other women entrepreneurs, investors, and social media influencers. She learnt how to use such events to market and promote her business, as well as to make meaningful business connections. She was selected to participate in the three-day training, from here she especially benefited from the social media marketing session. She has since then been able to increase her reach on social media over 5 times by introducing up-to-date marketing content like Instagram reels and influencer reviews.

Nosheen Noor first became part of our community of women entrepreneurs at the Nowshera training. Her enthusiasm and passion to do something for herself moved us and so we invited her back to the three-day extended training. She benefited the most by simply being around women entrepreneurs and learning how women were running successful businesses from home. We were honored to have her join our wecamp Festival December 2022 as her first exhibition. When we first met Nosheen, she had a vague idea of a business. Now, she has set up an Instagram business account, and is running her own brand. She also motivated her older sisters to use their expertise and start their own social media business pages.

Jamshed Bibi joined us at our one-day training in Abbottabad and was selected to participate in the three-day training. A retired police officer, she was fueled by a rage against systems which constantly sidelined and belittled women’s issues. So, she decided to start a business showcasing the traditional crafts of Galliyat which would also allow women to use their skill to financially and thus socially empower themselves. She benefited especially from the product design session. She was able to learn how to blend traditional craft with modern tastes to better her products in time for the wecamp Festival December 2022. She made use of the concepts of color scheming to create new products and was then able to make use of Canva to present those products in a more aesthetically pleasing way on her newly made social media. The before and after images below show the difference in design and presentation as a result of the training.

Aqsa Khan attended the one-day training in Mardan and instantly inspired us with her resilience and innovation! We eagerly invited her to the three-day training in Peshawar knowing that she would have a lot to learn, but more importantly that she would be a great example and inspiration to the other trainees. At these trainings we have seen her learn how to better showcase her story and journey to the world. She is now better able to represent her business proudly as Mardan’s first female tour operator. Through wecamp, Aqsa was able to make and present her first ever presentation and business pitch with the aim of inspiring the women of Mardan through her business story.