Online Kamao

An online digital skills bootcamp for aspiring, budding, and established women entrepreneurs.


What you’ll learn

  • What it means to be an entrepreneur and think creatively to fill market gaps.
  • Building a brand by defining your unique selling point.
  • Using Canva to create brand logos and social media posts.
  • The fundamentals of digital media marketing.
  • Social media tools and techniques for online sales.
  • Understanding and using social media analytics to guide business growth.
  • Selling on e-commerce platforms: from writing a good product description to using the best payment gateway for your brand.
  • Financial planning for growth.
  • Becoming your own boss through successful freelancing.
  • How to make and deliver a business pitch.

Course Description

Calling all aspiring women entrepreneurs and business owners! Unlock your full potential and gain a competitive edge in today’s digital world with Online Kamao: a one-month virtual Digital Business and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.  

Designed exclusively for women, this dynamic course is tailored to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Discover the secrets of successful online marketing, master the art of e-commerce, and learn how to leverage social media platforms to maximize your brand’s reach. 

Led by a dedicated team of experts, this immersive program will function as a step by step guide so that by the end you have a functional online business. The course has been designed with ample activities so you can receive feedback and mentorship as you go. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your digital skills and embark on a path to personal and professional success. 

Course Content

Module 1. Introduction to Online Business

  • Class introductions
  • Introduction to learning spaces and resources
  • Overview of digital business with advantages and disadvantages
  • Introducing key entrepreneurship principles and definition

Module 2. Brand Building and Product Design

  • Where to start?
  • Logo and other branding tools
  • Canva for logo design
  • Key concepts of product design
  • Pinterest
  • End with a brainstorm

Module 3. Digital Media Marketing Fundamentals

  • What is digital media marketing and its rise
  • Introduction to social media and creating business pages
  • Post-making and caption writing
  • Canva for making posts
  • Content marketing and creation
  • Social media ads – how to, pros and cons
  • Using insights

Module 4. E-commerce Basics

  • Introduction to e-commerce
  • Creating an online store
  • Payment gateways and shipping
  • Product Description (with in-class activity)
  • Product photography

Module 5. Financial Planning and Scaling Up

  • Importance of financial planning
  • Key financial planning tools and techniques
  • Introduction to Metric
  • Scaling your digital business
  • Tools and techniques for scaling up
  • Managing growth
  • Sales techniques (in-person and online)

Module 6. Customer Care & Encouragement

  • Understanding the importance of customer care
  • Customer care tips
  • Get started and keep going
  • Business pitch tutorial
  • Start your business pitch

Module 7. Freelancing

  • What is freelancing
  • Freelancing through social media
  • Freelance platforms – Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn
  • Building your freelance skills

Module 8. 3-minute Business Pitches

  • Uplift your entrepreneurial prowess with a persuasive 3-minute business pitch.


Hello! I am the CEO and Co-founder of wecamp. I have coordinated, conducted, and taught women entrepreneurs and artisans how to scale up their business online from Khairpur to Mardan. Leading a community of women entrepreneurs, I have conducted webinars and lessons about branding, social media for businesses, e-commerce and much more for over 100 women across Pakistan. It has been my greatest accomplishment and joy to help women entrepreneurs at every level – be it a home-based entrepreneur of 50 or a young girl looking to start freelancing at 15. With Online Kamao, I hope to teach a new cohort of women entrepreneurs to lead thriving online businesses and become beacons of success.  

Guest Speakers

Myra Qureshi

CEO & Co-Founder, Conatural Pakistan 

Sidra Cheema

Digital Marketing Consultant & Influencer @sidracheemaa

Habib Muddasir

Fashion Designer & University Lecturer

Nausheen Barkat

CEO & Founder, Asqurr Honey 

President of Gilgit’s first all-women bee-keeprs association 

Prized vendor at Daraz for Asqurr Honey 

Meenah Tariq

CEO and Co-Founder – Metric

Omar Parvez Khan

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer – Metric

What People Say About Us


I attended wecamp’s 3-day training on digital skills for women entrepreneurs in Peshawar.It was an eye opener for me, especially relating to the importance of being active on social media. By using the tips taught, I have been able to increase my reach on Instagram and more than double sales!

When I attended wecamp’s training, I had no idea about social media for business. I was making handmade crochet items at a very small scale. I now have an Instagram for my business and am getting orders from there. I have tripled sales!

I have learnt a lot with wecamp. From their training, I have learnt how to make my traditional products more modern and according to market trends. I especially learnt a lot from their session on Canva and was able to make my own logo. 

I attended wecamp’s online crash course for home-based women entrepreneurs. It was very inspiring to have different entrepreneurs share their opinions and experiences. The instructors were all very accommodating and made sure everyone followed a lot and gave lots of one-on-one advice. 

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