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The Drowning Sun


My inspiration behind this painting is the mesmerizing winter sun which is always so extraordinarily crimson before its setting and its reflection in the lake.

This original piece of Art which is made on a huge canvas to bring warmth and color to your home or office lounge. It is left unframed so that you can get the frame matched with its surrounding furniture or wall color.

  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Measurements: 24”x35.5” Inches
  •  Dated: January 14, 2022
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I always have a special feeling for sunsets especially those in winters. My very first childhood painting was of a sunset too which I made for an Inter-City Art Competition so I feel very comfortable painting such a scene.

The special feature is the feather-like tall grass in front, with its shades of dull green, maroon and brown, highlighted with white colour as some of the Sun rays secretly make their way in making the spikes shine. It’s a lake view which is outlined by dull green trees and grass bushes with there white tips.

The blazing sun looks so prominent against the crimson and purplish sky and with its amazing reflection in the water the whole scene looks so tranquil.




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