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Herbal Hair Oil (200ml)



ü  Anti Hair Fall.

ü  Prevents Hair Graying.

ü  Repair Damaged Hair.

ü  Restore Hair Smoothness.

ü  Enhance Hair Shine.

ü  Strong Roots.

ü  Boost Hair Volume.

ü  Visible Difference in 3 Applications.

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HERBAL HAIR OIL | A blend of all natural, finely selected premium quality oils, magical herbs and botanical extracts. The active ingredients of HERBAL HAIR OIL with essential properties is the best solution to treat all your hair problems, increase hair growth, prevents hair fall and add a lustrous glow to your hair.

Nourishing your hair with oil is like keeping your body healthy and nourished with food. You should feed your hair with oil every now and then to make sure it stays healthy, thick and lustrous.

Ingredients: Amla Extracts | Reetha Extracts| Shikakai Extracts | Mustard Oil | Coconut Oil | Olive Oil | Almond Oil | Vit. E | Aloe Vera Extracts


Heat the oil gently by pouring on your palm and rubbing.

Then, section off your hair and massage the oil from the root to tip.

Massage the scalp with your fingertips.

Wash your hair thoroughly after 2-4 hours.

Not to do: Tying hair too tight, as massaging can loosen the hair from the roots, making them more susceptible to breakage when they’re weighed down.

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