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Blossoms in a Lilac Horizon


My inspiration are the cherry blossom flowers which are often seen on the hilly sides in the spring season.

This medium size glass framed painting is my original piece of Art with elegant metallic ebony brown frame.

  • Medium: Acrylic on Canson Sheet
  • Measurement: 14.5”x20.5” Inches
  • Dated: October 24, 2020


This painting captures a photograph I took. At the onset of spring, the flowering of the cherry blossoms has intrigued me a lot. I always wished I could paint their delicate petals and filaments and bring in shades of pink and peachy colours. I also wanted to make it’s woody stem as eye-catching as the flowers.

The little new buds blossoming in the background was a creative departure from the original photograph, adding more character.


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